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  • 10/01/09--14:22: What is rainstall.exe?
  • What exactly is rainstall.exe, and what all does it do?  I'm assuming that the ra stands for Resident Agent?  We use Cisco Security Agent (CSA), which is similar to LANDesk's HIPS product, and CSA has started blocking rainstall.exe.  Our security guys are all flipping out about it and want to know exactly what rainstall.exe is/what it does.  The reason they're flipping out about it is because previously it was being executed by another LANDesk executable, residentagent.exe (which was allowed by CSA).  Now since upgrading 8.8 to SP3 rainstall.exe is trying to be executed by an "unknown process" so CSA is blocking it.

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  • 01/15/13--14:11: Common Base Agent Not Loaded
  • Having a problem with the common base agent not loading onto some of our servers(Server 2003 and Server 2008). Does anyone have any idea why the agent would not be able to load from the deployment. We tried doing it through Unmanaged Device Deployment and through loading the agent directly on the server.


    See attached image for details.



    Thanks in Advance,



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  • 01/29/09--07:33: Query for LANDesk version
  • I am doing an agent install for 8.80 SP2A.  So I created a query based on who needed the patch, no problem.


    Then I summed up those who have with those who needed and I didn't come up with all my devices.


    Now I'm wondering if all the users didn't get SP2 and are on SP1


    Can I create a query to find out what version of the agent is installed?


    Thank you,



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  • 02/11/08--08:54: Cannot find agent

    Hello. I am currently running Landesk 8.7  Recently we pushed a bunch of Microsoft patches to about 1500 remote clients running XP with SP2.  The firewall has been disabled on all. More than half the patches failed reporting that they "Cannot find agent" and/or "Cannot find agent (different agent responded"



    Can anyone help me interpret that error message?






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    Let me preface this by saying my company is new to LDMS & I am a novice at all of this...


    We are currently on v9.0 sp1 and are having problems with the Macs used on our network.  Not only are we unable to discover unmanaged Mac devices, when I manually added my iMac to experiment with, I was not able to push the client to it.  "Failed...  A problem occurred while attempting to launch the task on the client...  (code) 1026"


    There aren't many options available when setting up a 'Mac agent configuration', so I think it's OK...  I dragged my device onto the task & had it 'start now'.  I watched - at both the LD console as well as the iMac itself - as it was attempting to install the client.  On the console side, it looked OK as it went through the process - ie. pending, 1 machine, active, etc.  But on the iMac itself, I saw absolutely nothing happening.  (Is this normal?)


    I tried searching both the user community and support documentation but found nothing more on that error code, so am left not knowing what to try next.  Any thoughts or suggestions on how to make device discovery &/or agent deployment work on Macs would be welcomed.

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    Everytime I make a change to the default Windows Remote Agent I get an error that says  "there is no available certificate". Does anyone know how to fix this? I still seem to connect to my users for remote control.

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    Upgraded agents from 9.0SP3 to 9.5AllPatches and a good portion of the agents failed to update during the push deployment. The error received in the scheduled tasks window is "Agent setup program returned an error". I remember seeing this occasionaly the last time we did a deployment but rerunning the task on the computers that had failed generally came back successful. Not the case with 9.5.


    Every machine that fails has the same symptoms, which leads me to beleive they are failing for the same reason. If you check the services on a computer that had a failed installation, the ONLY landesk services that are present are "LANDesk Targeted Multicast" and "LANDesk(R) Management Agent". A way to repair the agent on the computer, is that I can run Uninstallwinclient.exe then install the agent manually with a self contained exe and the installer goes through just fine. The problem is I cannot afford to do this on every single computer that has failed. I am still working on a way to identify all of the agents that did not install correctly. At the moment I am considering a loginscript vbs file that checks for the existance of the core landesk services.


    I have attached the wscfg32.xlg file with the hops that someone can point out why the agent install is failing on so many machines. If any other information is needed please let me know.

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    I have a machine that has agent installed fine, is displaying in the all devices. However i have noticed that the remote agent control status has not been loaded. When i run a scan from the machine itself it seems to work and data has been sent to the core server. When i run a scan from the LDMS server console it fails- cba8, unable to contact the remote agent



    when i do a repair job it says straight away- Cannot Find Agent



    The agent has been removed and re-installed. Same agent version as other machines.



    i have re ran the cba8inst.msi file no issues.



    Cant do any repair jobs or scans from the LDMS?!?!?



    Any help would be appreciated. **(FYI-im away next week so no reponse until the following week)**



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  • 01/15/08--10:44: How do we remove an agent?
  • I've been thru the manual, and can only find 1 or 2 instances of "remove agent", and hundreds of instances of either word by itself.


    We have one user who is being harrassed by LD.  Every day LD wants to install some update/patch...even after we apply everything there is to apply manually, using remote control.


    We don't know specifically what it's trying to install.  We thought for the moment that we'd just remove the agent.  But we don't know how.  I had seen LANDesk listed under Add/Remove SW on my PC, but when I connected to his, it wasn't there.  We're assuming that my LANDesk listing was for the console, rather than for the agent.


    Thanks in advance for the assistance,



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    I would to deploy a batch file, it is save a windows command.

    When I deploy to client it have a error.


    Status: Failed

    Result: Package Deployment Failed

    Return code: 1



    Installation result 8DB50001

    processing of package is complete, result -1917517823 (0x8db50001 - code 1)

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    We recently upgraded to LANDesk 9.5.  We have a new server and did a clean install of LANDesk 9.5, including the SQL Express database--basically started from scratch. Our core server is called S21.


    An odd this has happened. In my Network View under All Devices I see two Core Servers:


    Server A:    S21 is shown as a server and has an IP address of - this server shows a status of being powered off in LANDesk.

    Server B:   S21 is shown as a workstation and has an IP address of


    Server B is the Core Server. That is, the is the static IP address configured on the machine. It has Server 2008 R2 installed.


    The IP address for Server A is not on our network. It cannot be pinged. It was not issued via DHCP.


    Patching is bizarre. If I right click on Server B I see many patches. I configure them as a task. Run the task. Both A and B show up in the task. A will be successful and B will fail.


    Any idea what I should do here?

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    Can some of you that are on LD 9.5 please check one of your clients and in the the ldclient folder, do you have strange language folders as shown below?


    Please let me know if you do and if you have installed the patch below or not


    I have a 9.5 Dev core up and running, I have installed the latest (LD95-CP_BASE-2013-0228) patch installed.







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  • 04/05/13--13:19: Agent report query.....
  • Hey guys any ideas on how to create a query on the last reported date of an agent...heres what I have come up with:




    What I'm trying to do is find out how many of my decomisioned PC's I have that still have Landesk Agent. (Note:Don't know if these agents will count against my agent limit.)

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    Kindly Suggest a solution for the below issue.



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    Would it be possible to add the build date/time of the full exe installer to a registry key that then gets added when a device uses that full exe installer?


    It can be very difficult to verify if a device is running a specific version/build of the LANDesk agent. E.g. if you install a patch on the CORE and rebuilds the full exe installers, then you need to query for specific versions of specific files to verify if a device is updated.


    It seems to me that having a build date/time value would be an easy thing to query for. Though, you would of course need a separate document to keep track of what's included in the agent with this specific build date, but to me that still seems better than having to check for multiple different file versions and revisions of various settings. We do already include a simple version no. in the agent config name, but one could always argue when and how this should get updated.


    To accomplish this, I'm thinking about adding a line to the file like the one below:


    [Common Pre Copy]

    REG05=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\WinClient\InstallerBuildDate, %DATE% %TIME%, , REG_SZ


    Would that work or are there better methods for achieving the same thing?


    We are using LDMS 9.0 SP3.


    Thanks in advance.



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    For community benefit, here are the ports that NMAP appears to use for OS Fingerprinting when called by LANDesk UDD.  I obtained these ports from the XML output file generated by NMAP during UDD/Fingerprinting, and cross referenced ports on the IANA database and supplemented "unknowns" from the list maintained by PC-LIBRARY.COM


    Also, here's the exact parameters that LANDesk calls NMAP with:

    NMAP.EXE -v -PN --min-hostgroup 128 --max-hostgroup 512 -T4 -sS -F -O -iL <LANDesk generated list of IP addresses to scan> -oX <XML output>


    -v increased verbosity
    -PN Treat all hosts as online (scan ports even if no ICMP response)
    -T4 Timing template 4
    -sS SYN scan technique
    -F Fast mode (fewer ports - limit to the 100 most common ports listed below)
    -O Enable OS detection



    7 ECHO
    13 DAYTIME
    21 FTP
    22 SSH
    23 TELNET
    25 SMTP
    26 RSFTP
    37 TIME
    53 DNS
    79 FINGER
    80 HTTP
    81 HOSTS2
    106 3COM-TSMUX
    110 POP3
    111 SUNRPC
    113 AUTH
    119 NNTP
    135 EPMAP
    143 IMAP
    144 UMA
    179 BGP
    199 SMUX
    389 LDAP
    427 SRVLOC
    443 HTTPS
    444 SNPP
    465 MACON-TCP
    513 LOGIN
    514 SYSLOG
    515 TALK
    543 KLOGIN
    544 KSHELL
    554 RTSP
    631 IPP
    646 LDP
    873 RSYNC
    990 FTPS
    993 IMAPS
    995 POP3S
    1025 BLACKJACK
    1026 CAP
    1029 SOLID-MUX
    1433 MS-SQL-S
    1720 H3223HOSTCALL
    1723 PPTP
    1755 MS-SREAMING
    1900 SSDP
    2000 CISCO-SCCP
    2001 DC
    2049 SHILP
    3000 HBCI
    3128 NDL-AAS
    3306 MYSQL
    3389 MS-WBT-SERVER
    4899 RADMIN-PORT
    5009 WINFS
    5051 ITA-AGENT
    5060 SIP
    5190 AOL
    5357 WSDAPI
    5900 RFB
    6000 X11
    6001 X11
    7070 ARCP
    8000 IRDMI
    8008 HTTP-ALT
    8080 HTTP-ALT
    8888 DDI-TCP-1
    9999 DISTINCT
    10000 NDMP
    32768 FILENET-TMS
    49152 UTORRENT

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    I have run several tests on the 95 AV and can't seem to get it to pull defintions from its peers. It will pull from a perferred server(kinda). Kinda meaning it will pull files from the perfered server then pull from core then back to the perferred server and so on.  I have run some tests with peer downloads on MS patches and everything works great there.


    Anyone else come across this?

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    J'ai un ecran bleu après avoir choisi le menu pxe winpe, quelqu'un peut-il m'aider?

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    Hey All,

    I've attempted to search for this issue i'm having however closest i found was this article.  From what i'm experiencing with UDD, when doing an active directory scan, it will not add computers to the UDD list if AD does not have a known IP Address.  I've looked up powershell AD information for the computers missing from UDD vs the computer being added and they all confirm this.


    Anyone know if this is by design or something I can fix or something I should put in an enchance request for?  Obviously if I don't have an IP address then I cannot do much with the computer however it would be at least nice to know it's in AD but not a LANDesk managed device.  Otherwise I hand a report to my boss saying we're 100% landesk managed when really it's 98% and 2% have been offline for so long they've dropped off DNS.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi All


    LDMS 9.0


    We have many machines that communicate to the Core Server only over the Management Gateway, these computers will never be on the network.


    I want to update some of the agent settings for these machines. When I create a "Schedule update to agent settings" task, I don't have the option of choosing the delivery method, it is set as a push only.


    As I cannot push to machines over the Management Gateway, how do I update the agent settings for these remote machines?


    Has anyone else solved this problem? Is there maybe a script that could be scheduled as a policy to do this?


    I am hoping that the answer is not that I have to install a full agent every time.



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